Princess Marie takes part in the Disaster Recovery Day

Today, Princess Marie took part in the Disaster Recovery Day at the Nordjylland Emergency Board in Thisted. This day is organized by the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) of which Marie is Patron since 2011.

She even started working as a Special Assistant for Prevention Projects in June 2016. She took part in the first National Forum for Prevention of Accidents organized by DEMA last April, taking part in several meetings like this one in January 2017.

The Disaster Recovery Day aims to shows the resources and abilities of the DEMA and the emergency services to be prepared and to do their job during big emergencies such as natural catastrophes.

The students of the Nordjylland Emergency Board as well as commanders showed their skills and abilities during training exercises and demonstrations.

The day also aimed to educate adults and children about the appropriate response to a big emergency happening near them. DEMA aims to reduce the numbers of victims of big emergencies by bei…

Princess Marie opens Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Today, Princess Marie, as Patron, opened the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival in Copenhagen. The Festival will officially start tomorrow and Marie will visit its stands and meet with the exhibitors on Sunday. It is the first time that Marie will attend the festival twice.

This year's edition marks the second year of the new CCFF. Indeed, this new version of the festival was created in 2016 when the original festival 'Copenhagen Cooking' decided to collaborate with the Food Organization of Denmark. Since Marie was Patron of Copenhagen Cooking since 2011, she became a Patron of the CCFF. This is the sixth time she visited the Festival (2011, 2012, 2014,2015,2016).

The festival aims to promote nordic gastronomy , specially Denmark's. Around 100.000 visitors participates each year according to the festival. Princess Marie's growing involvement with the festival, as shown by her visiting the festival twice, makes sense since one of her main causes is fighting agai…

Princess Athena's first day of school !

Today was Princess Athena's first day of school ! Athena turned five in January and she started Grade 0 at St Joseph's Sisters School in Ordrup , near the family home in Klampenborg, today.

A small photoshoot was held in front of the family house this morning, before their departure to the school in order not to bother the others families and children going to the same school. Prince Henrik is also enrolled at this school. Princess Athena was understandably shy and nervous on this very important day and she didn't want to get out of the house. Princess Marie's dog Apple entertained the photographers while Prince Joachim and Princess Marie convinced Athena to come outside.
After the photoshoot, the family left the home to go to the school.
For this important day, Princess Marie wore a new UFO dress with an Isabel Marant jacket first worn in 2016 and her Tod's blue wedges. Princess Athena was very cute in her floral dress and pink cardigan with matching sandals and h…

Princess Marie, Henrik & Athena support Prince Joachim at Copenhagen Grand Prix

On August 5th and 6th, Prince Joachim took part in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, as he does each year.

On the 5th, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena came to support him. Before the race, Prince Joachim showed the children around and they supported him during the race. We can see that Princess Athena, who turned 5 last January , is wearing a new gold bracelet! It is a family tradition that every girl of the family receives a gold bracelet when they turn five. This tradition was started by Princess Margrethe of Connaught. The tradition was kept by her daughter Queen Ingrid of Denmark and then by her own daughters. You can read more about it here.

On the final day of the Grand Prix, Princess Marie (with her dog Apple) was there along with Henrik and Athena. Prince Joachim and his team finished third of the Grand Prix and Marie, Henrik and Athena looked very excited.

Marie wore a new Day Birger et Mikkelsen black and grey striped top with a new Nike quilted jacket. The top is sold o…

Princess Marie visits a summer camp for autistic children

Today, Princess Marie visited a summer camp for autistic children in Helsingor as Patron of the Danish association for autism.

Princess Marie met with the children and took part in the activities of the day, including a treasure hunt, despite the bad weather. After the treasure hunt, children and their families reunited to eat a well deserved ice cream.

The association invited 80 families with autistic children for a holiday in the summer camp. During their stay , the families are able to took part in nature expeditions, climbing and a circus show.

It is the 10th edition of the summer camp. Marie last visited the camp in 2012.

For this visit, Princess Marie wore a weather appropriate outfit. Her rain jacket is from the Danish's Rio 2016 merch by Vero Moda. Her top is UFO, first worn during a humanitarian trip to Cambodia in 2012.

I believe her new ankle boots are by Burberry but I have no confirmation of that yet.

Photos:,purepeople, scanpix,nuriatiburcio, veromoda

Princess Marie visits the Academy of Talented Youth Summer Camp

After a month of summer holiday in Cayx, France with her family, Princess Marie was back to work today! She was in Bronshoj today in order to visit the Academy of Talented Youth Summer Camp.
The Talented Youth Development Program is a program created for high school students who want to do more. The Academy of Talented Youth allows them to work on projects focusing on challenges related to growth, economy, innovation and social responsibility. This is the tenth summer camp organized by the Academy and 400 students are taking part in it this year.
During her visit, Princess Marie meet with several of these students in order to hear about their projects.
For this visit , Marie wore a new Hugo Boss white dress with her old UFO clutch. I don't know which shoes she is wearing yet but the post will be updated.

Marie wore her diamond earrings with her Christine Hvelplund ring and a bracelet.