Friday, March 17, 2017

Official visit to Greenland with Autism Denmark - Day 3

Today, Princess Marie is spending her last day in Greenland as Patron of Autism Denmark.
In early morning, Princess Marie attended the presentation of the Open College Network (OCN) diplomas to children.  OCN is an international method used to recognize and validate informal knowledge and learning.
She then had lunch with Nuuk's mayor and she attended a reception for Autism Denmark - Greenland's circuit. She then opened the 2017 Autism Conference by delivering the opening speech and attended the following dinner.  You can see photos of Marie at the conference here and here. We have no photos of the dinner yet.

For the first events of the day, Marie wore her Parajumpers coat her Armani Collezioni jacket with her Céline bag.



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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Official visit to Greenland with Autism Denmark - Day 2

Yesterday, Princess Marie continued her official visit to Greenland as Patron of Autism Denmark. Unfortunately , we have very few photos so the post will be updated if more photos appears.
This was a busy day for Princess Marie as she visited three residences for people with autism.
She first visited Uulineq, a residence for the children with autism. She then visited two others residences : Suluppaluk for young people and Qiimaneq for adults.
At the end of the afternoon, Princess Marie visited the Greenland National Museum. Unfortunately , we don't have any photos of this visit.

For this second day, Marie wore her Parajumpers coat again, with her Giorgio Armani jacket although I can't publish the photo where we can see the jacket yet.


She also wore her black Céline bag with winter boots.


photos:, celine,, parajumpers

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Official visit to Greenland with Autism Denmark - Day 1

Today, Princess Marie started an official visit to Nuuk, in Greenland. She will be back in Denmark on March 17th. The day started with a sad news when Kongehuset announced that Prince Richard, Princess Benedikte's husband passed away. All our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
Princess Marie , as Patron of Autism Denmark, will open the Autism Conference in Nuuk on Thursday.
Today, she landed at Nuuk Airport and was welcomed by members of the Greenland government and other officials . She then visited the airport , accompanied by a young employee , who has autism. Princess Marie had the opportunity to learn his duties and how he deals with autism at work.
Princess Marie wore a new Parajumpers coat with an old Elise Gug jacket that I IDed a few days ago only.


She wore black pants and her black UFO ankle booties with a new YSL black tote bag.


Marie has a full day of events in Nuuk tomorrow. Here is the program :

10:00 : Visit to Uulineq , a residence for children with autism
11:15 : Visit to Suluppaluk , a residence for young people with autism
13:30 : Visit to Qiimaneq, a residence for adult with autism
15:15 : Visit of Greenland National Museum

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Princess Marie visit the Epilepsy Clinic for the opening of the Brain Week

Yesterday, Princess Marie visited the Epilepsy Clinic of Rigshopitalet in Copenhagen.
This visit was scheduled as part of the opening of the Brain Week in Copenhagen. Brain Week is the 11th week of the year, focusing on the brain, brain diseases and brain research. Princess Marie has been the Patron of the Epilepsy Association since 2013.
Princess Marie met patients living with epilepsy and she heard presentation about on epilepsy surgery.
For this event, Marie wore a new pink blouse with a UFO black coat first worn in 2011.


She wore her Sergio Rossi ankle booties with an old UFO black clutch and new earrings.


Marie will be in Greenland for the rest of the week attending an autism conference as Patron of Autism Denmark.

Photos:, lyst, sergiorossi

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Princess Marie opens an exhibition in Charlottenlund

Today, Princess Marie was in Charlottenlund to open an exhibition at the Ordrupgaard Museum which is a museum for French Impressionism and art from the Danish Golden Age.

The "Pissarro. A Meeting at St Thomas" exhibition opens to visitor tomorrow and will close on July 2, 2017.   This exhibition is held in honor of the 100th anniversary of the sale of the Danish West Indies to the US.

This exhibition shows the works of French-Danish painter Camille Pissarro and his friend, Danish painter Fritz Melbye who met on the island of St Thomas, in the Danish West Indies. Camille Pissarro was born on St Thomas' island and he met with Fritz Melbye during his youth, both of them impacting the life and art of the other.

Princess Marie officially opened the exhibition with a speech before meeting guests and visiting the exhibition.

For this event, Princess Marie wore her Marni top again. She first wore this top during an official visit to Iceland in 2015.

 Since the top has a very busy print, as you can see in this close-up, she added a new black skirt that is still UFO.

She wore her Jimmy Choo 'Mitchell' pumps and a By Malene Biger belt. Her dark green clutch is UFO and she owns it since 2009 .


Marie also wore new green earrings and a new red ring , I'll give you more details about these if we get more photos of them.

We'll see Marie a lot next week as she will visit the Epilepsy Clinic on Monday and she will be in Greenland for a conference about autism from Tuesday to Friday.

Photos: kongehuset(facebook),, lyst, jimmychoo, polyvore

Friday, February 24, 2017

Princess Marie opens the 'Spring in Tonder' exhibition

Today, Princess Marie was in Tonder to open the 'Spring in Tonder' exhibition.

Princess Marie has a really close relationship with Tonder, as Patron of the Tonder Festival but also because Prince Joachim owned and has lived in Schackenborg Castle from 1993 to 2014. He is on the board of the Fondation that now owns the castle.

The 'Spring in Tonder' exhibition is held each year and allow local shops to exhibit their products to visitors and tourists.

Princess Marie officially opened the exhibition before touring the exhibition and meetings visitors.

Marie wore her Tara Jarmon beige coat first worn in 2014.


The rest of her outfit was the same as the one she wore at the opening of the BIGMUN conference on Wednesday. She wore her Sergio Rossi black ankle boots and her By Malene Birger clutch.



Photos:, billedbladet, tarajarmon, lyst